National Strategic Food Reserves

The NSFR facilities are grain storage facilities for storing grain. This is an initiative of the Government, with the aim of maintaining a national optimal level of food reserves to address local food shortage, respond to immediate emergency food requirements and to have a well-managed business. Food security remains a national priority as all regional members contribute 10% of their budget towards food security goals.

The Namibian Government through the MAWF has achieved an NSFR capacity of 22900 MT and is still in the progress of expanding. Currently, the facilities store Maize and Mahangu. Plans are underway to include beans and wheat in the near future.

To be the national main role player in enhancing food security & facilitate the marketing of cereals.


  • To procure and stock strategic food reserve
  • To ensure that surplus producers have access to market
  • To efficiently and effectively manage stored stock as well as storage facilities
  • To timely liaise with all NSFR stakeholders
  • To ensure standard compliance of cereals

To enhance food security and efficiently manage the National Strategic Food Reserve


  • Managing food reserves to support food security
  • Stocked silo – to increase cereal and pulse reserves to 67000MT in line with infrastructure plans by 2018
  • Controlled rotation – to rotate stock every 24 months at market price from 2016
RegionSilo CentreCapacity [MT]
Kavango EastRundu4000
Total 22 900


Every year, farmers who have surplus of maize and mahangu sell their produce to AMTA. The marketing season begins on 1st May and lasts till end of October.   Producers willing to sell grains to NSFR including the Green Schemes Projects that are the main suppliers start delivering their products to the grain storage facilities (silo). The price for both maize mahangu and maize is determined by the industry each year and overseen by the Namibian Agronomic Board.
Maize price is based on the import parity or SAFEX price while mahangu is based on the production costs.

To date a total 42 169 MT (39 720 Mt maize and 2449 Mt Omahangu) grain has been procured/marketed via NSFR.

Regional staff

During the grain marketing season, you can contact us to   sell your surplus maize [commercial farms and green schemes only] and mahangu [communal farmers only].

Rundu Silos
Tel: 066 256 274
Fax: 066 256612
Cell: 08 11 410 124
Contact person: Thomas Konstantin

Katima Silos
Tel/Fax: 066 252292
Cell: 081 168 9748
Contact person: Mr James Walubita

Okongo Silos
Tel: 065 263040
Fax: 065 258195
Cell: 081 388 5685
Contact person: Mr Stephen Iimbili

Tsandi Silos
Tel: 065 258020
Fax: 065 258 195
Cell: 081 388 5685
Contact person: Mr Stephen Iimbili

Omuthiya Silos
Tel: 065 244 267
Fax: 065 244 292
Cell: 081 388 5685
Contact person: Mr Stephen Iimbili